Our Organization

Our Organization


We are PTA 6.153.27 of the Seattle Council PTSA Coalition. Founded in 1909, the Seattle Council PTSA has 14,000 members in 75 schools. SCPTSA officers represent PTA members on district, city and state committees.


The Stevens PTA belongs to Region 6 of the Washington PTA The Washington State PTA is divided into 13 Regions that facilitate close working relationships between member units. We are part of Region 6. WSPTA’s Region 6 covers portions of King and Snohomish Counties. The Northshore, Seattle, Shoreline and Vashon Island School Districts reside within Region 6.


The Washington State PTA was founded in 1905 and is now 150,000 members strong. The Washington State PTA has advocated for kids on the local, state and national level for over 100 years. The Washington State PTA coined the term “Preschool” and began mentoring parents of toddlers long before early childhood education was the norm.

  • Arranged day care during World War II
  • Created Kindergarten Co-Ops during a failure of local levies emergency in the 1950s
  • Instrumental in promoting seatbelt safety awareness
  • Presently works collaboratively with other child advocacy groups toward educational reform and improvement.


The Washington State PTA is part of the National PTA. The National PTA outlines its policy priorities each year regarding education, child health and Nutrition, juvenile justice and delinquency prevention and school safety.


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