Vocal Music Program

Vocal Music Program

Support of the Vocal/Music Program at Stevens Elementary

Our vocal music program is a favorite of parents and children alike. At Stevens, music education starts early, and no student is too young to participate in our family choral concerts.

High-Quality Instruction

For the past several years, the program has been spearheaded by the dynamic Edd Key, who provides lyrics and music to Stevens Families through this website. This year we also welcome a new, district-funded vocal music teacher Lori Badruswamy, who will be teaching K-2 students.

Vocal/Music Curriculum

Here is a summary of certain general themes and activities for each grade level throughout the year:

Kindergarten–1st Grade:
We practice basic skill-building exercises with fun songs and musical games.

2nd grade:
We begin exploration with the “precorders.”

3rd grade:
We develop the skill of reading music through playing the recorder.

4th grade:
We explore the rhythms of these world cultures through drumming.

5th grade:
We examines the Roots and Branches of American Music by hearing how the various musical traditions brought here by people from all corners of the world helped build a musical culture that affects every part of our planet.

Choir 5

For motivated 5th graders who want to explore further, we offer Stevens Choir 5. These students volunteer their lunch recess one day per week to work on more complex vocal skills.  We look at a wider repertoire of music and work toward more polished performance at Stevens and out in the community.

In the Vocal Music Program we try to unlock the fun and exuberance of singing for all ages. Together we work toward building the awareness and the skill sets that will help make music forever a part of our lives.


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