After School Program

After School Program

After-School Enrichment at Stevens Elementary

Our after-school program is top-tier, and includes transportation and scholarships for many students.

Available Curriculum

Kids can learn new skills like knitting, carpentry, or chess, get their bodies moving with basketball or gymnastics, or discover new creative outlets like theater, songwriting or mask-making. There are about twenty different courses for your child to choose from per trimester.

Schedule & Fees

We usually offer 6–7 classes per day, Monday thru Thursday, and arrange a district school bus to transport children needing transportation at 4 PM on each day. The typical registration fee per course is approximately $100—although the fee varies depending on material requirements per class.

The after school program sessions for 2013-2014 are:

  • Fall: Oct 14 to Dec. 12
  • Winter: Jan 13 to Mar 13
  • Spring: Mar 31 to May 29


Before each of the three sessions of after-school activities, a catalog will come home with your child. When you receive the catalog, it’s a good idea to sign up for classes quickly, as certain classes fill up in a day or two.

At this point we do not have online registration for after-school classes.

Scholarships Available

Because we want after-school enrichment to be available to all children, we provide scholarships for children who need them. Please contact after school coordinators in order to find out more.


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