Attend PTA Meetings

Attend PTA Meetings

Why It’s So Important

There are many good reasons to attend PTA meetings: They are educational, informative, and even fun! Through regular attendance you can truly make a difference in your child’s education, and form greater connections with teachers and parents in the Stevens Community.

Become More Involved

Our PTA meetings are great places to get important information about upcoming events, changes at the school, and policy updates. Attending meetings is the best way to get clear answers to questions you have about future events, budget, programs, and anything else concerning your child’s educational experience.
Each PTA meeting includes information about what’s happening at Stevens, an update from Principal Fitch, a discussion of PTA business including upcoming programs, and a parent education component about how you can support your child’s education.

2018-19 Meeting Dates:
PTA meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every other month, starting in September.

September 25
November 13
January 22
March 26 (Budget Approval)
May 21 (Election of New Officers)

Childcare (for grades K-5) and Spanish and Somali language assistance are available at every meeting. Babies and younger children are welcome to join the meeting with their parents.

Learn Something New

Our meetings feature a parent education presentation, giving us great strategies to deal with subjects from handwriting to child safety. Meetings are great places to learn things useful to us as parents.

Make Great Connections

Meetings present a great opportunity to talk to those in charge, to connect with other parents, with your child’s teacher or teachers you may not yet know in a setting outside the stresses of the regular school day.

Make a difference in your child’s academic life

Attending meetings at Stevens shows you care what happens during your child’s school day. You participate in the making of important decisions concerning your child’s education. Only through regular attendance will you begin to make a difference through your input. As a result of your attendance, you will become familiar with the teachers at the school, have better access to volunteer positions, and be able to provide suggestions that can benefit the students as a whole.

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