May is Bike to School Month

May is Bike to School Month! Starting Thursday, May 1, you can join in the fun, track your activity with a calendar, and earn prizes!

Wednesday, May 7, is Bike to School Day, when we want as many kids as possible to ride to Stevens!
We will be distributing tracking calendars so that you can track the amount of time that you bike during the month and earn the following prizes:

  • Bike up to 240 minutes: LED bike light
  • Bike more than 250 minutes: Bike to School frisbee

We will also be hosting a helmet sale, including help with fitting helmets. More details to come soon!

Tips for biking to school:

  • Check out your bike before you start riding. The ABC Quick check is a helpful guide: Air—make sure your tires have enough; Brakes –test out the brakes; Chain/Cranks inspect chain and cranks for any rust or loose parts; Quick –make sure quick release levers, if you have them, are tightened snugly against the wheel.
  • Cross only at the crosswalks, after looking left, right, left for cars. A big thanks to the student patrol and their supervisors for helping keep everyone safe.

Have a safe and fun month!



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