Bike to school month!

May is bike to school month, and at Stevens, we encourage our scholars to ride their bikes for fun and fitness. Attached you can find the Bike to School Challenge Calendar_2016 to keep track of the minutes your fitness buff rides his or her bike each day. Read to learn how to earn prizes for riding.

This year, we are have two bike train routes – one on the east side of school and new! one on the west side. Check out the Stevens Bike Train Maps and learn how to join the bike train closest to you.

Remember these tips to ensure a safe trip with the bike train.

– Wear a helmet!

– Always ride single file.

– Leave a “ghost bike” between your bike and the one in front of you.

– Even though an adult will be helping at intersections, each rider should also check that it’s safe.

– Call out or signal if you are slowing, stopping or turning.

– Choose a speed that lets you always be in control of your bike, even if others are going faster.

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