School levy vote, February 9

Seattle Schools have two critical levies up for renewal. The Stevens PTA Board of Directors has voted to endorse a yes vote for each levy.
The Operations Levy pays for 25% of the day-to-day school operations including funding for teachers, unhealthy instructional assistants, arts, classroom supplies and textbooks.
The Capital Levy pays for school building and classroom improvements and repairs like earthquake proofing, additional science labs, updated technology and capacity building for the growing student population in our schools and much more.
Stevens students benefit directly from these levies and the PTA Board urges families to vote yes.
Ballots are due on Tuesday, February 9. If you are mailing in your ballot, it must postmarked by the 9th. If you are dropping off your ballot at the county,  you must do so no later than 8 p.m.
In these busy times, make a plan on when and where you will fill out and return your ballot so that you can be sure your vote counts.

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