After-School Update 2014-2015 School Year


There is an exciting change happening next year with Stevens after school classes! Due to the enormous success of our classes, the Stevens PTA is handing over the administration of the program to Seattle Parks and Rec. Our classes, schedules and times will be the same, but the great folks at Miller Community Center will be handling all registration, payment, and running of the classes. Scholarships will be available for interested families, and scholarship request forms can be found in the front office. These forms only need to be completed ONCE and they can be used immediately towards camp for this summer, as well as for our after school classes in the fall.

We want to thank all of the students who have participated in our classes in the past and we look forward to the exciting new programming coming fall of 2014.

The After School Team: Siri Miller, Barb Chin and Jacqueline Saxton

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