Auction Gratitude

The Auction on April 26 was an incredible success.

We are pleased to report, on the night of the event, we raised just over $119,000!  We expect this number to grow as we sell through some of the unsold items on our website ( and receive corporate matching for the Paddle Raise. We are on target to meet our goal!  

Of course, the whole event was powered by volunteers.

Enormous thanks to our amazing Auction Committee comprised of: Missy Zumwalt, Alexa Ingram-Cauchi, Amy Cooper, Michelle Weller, Margaret Duffy, Joy Southworth, Siri Davies, Suzanne Lear, Jill Kobayashi, Linda Casey, Megan Boyce-Jacobs, Robin Martin, Barb Chin, Sage McCotter, Emily Lieberman, Anna Finkenzeller, Sarah Edwards, Janey Petty, Linn Haralson, Kara Costa, and Alice Adams. This group of women can move mountains.

An extra shout-out to Kara Costa for the many hours of video production, assisted by Jennie Rhoads.

Special thanks to Sara Dickerman for always getting the word out.

It bears repeating that we are very grateful to our teachers and staff for supporting our efforts.  From concept to fruition, the classroom-created kid art was once again simply fabulous. Facilitating the video production throughout all classrooms was deeply appreciated.  Seeing staff members at the event itself helps build community and we’re grateful for your rubbing elbows with parents!

We couldn’t have reached our goal without the extraordinary generosity and commitment of many in our Stevens Community. So, if you bought a seat or captained a table; donated an item or procured a donation; bought a raffle ticket or participated in the wine toss and “heads or tails” game; bid on an item or outbid a friend; dropped off something or picked up something; set up or broke down; schlepped, kvetched or just hugged someone else who did, THANK YOU! We see you, we know you, we appreciate you.

Lastly, we acknowledge the expert organizational skills of Alexa Ingram-Cauchi in heading up procurement, who, along with Auction Goddess Missy Zumwalt, again pulled off the best social event of the school year. Grazie mille!

One of the highlights of the auction evening was the spectacular auction video starring our children!

If you missed the auction video (or just want to see it again) it will be played for the kids on Friday, May 16.  Stay tuned for all the details. Also, the 5th grade has requested the video for their graduation ceremony so if you’re a 5th grade family and can’t make it on the 16th you have an additional option.  Due to strict permissions on the video, it is not copied or distributed in anyway and only used for these special events for the Stevens community to enjoy.

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